Innovative Solutions based on ICT Tools


AutoLogS, Automation in Logistics and Service Systems, s.r.l. is a spin-off company founded in 2013 and supported by the Polytechnic of Bari and the University of Trieste.
It is the first university spin-off company with two Italian Universities as members.

Core Business

The core business of AutoLogS is:

  • developing innovative services and smart solutions based on ICT tools,
  • developing and providing services and tailored products related to
    • advanced Decision Support Systems,
    • feasibility studies,
    • management, modelling of complex problems,
    • development of custom-made optimisation and simulation components.

Know-how of AutoLogS

The know-how of AutoLogS is focused on advanced optimization and simulation techniques, on the application of innovative ICT solutions, on the automation of complex systems, on modelling and meta-analysis approaches.

The main competences of the company deal with:

  • production system logistics (warehousing systems, transportation, production planning and control);
  • distribution systems and supply chain management;
  • health care logistics;
  • transport logistics (private and public transport organization, urban mobility, intermodal freight transportation);
  • waste logistics and management;
  • energy distribution management.

To have additional information about the core activities of AutoLogS open the following link: AutoLogS summary


Main Partners of AutoLogS